SOLD: RTT V2 almost new for sale $3500

Selling my RTT V2. It’s been on my '96 LX450 for a month. Only been slept in two nights. I need to get something longer.
RTT V2 Stone Grey $3999
Ladder and Mantis Claw $289
Extra ladder catch kit $60
Universal Mounting Bracket x3 $197.97
Track t-nuts 2x1/4 20 1x10-32 $56.85
Gutter rail Mounting kit $499.00
Total new: $5101.82. (you save $1601 plus any applicable tax or shipping)
Local pickup preferred near Modesto CA and can help you mount it to your rig. Might be willing to deliver depending on where. Shipping isn’t really going to work as I had it installed at GFC and thus don’t have shipping materials.
My cell is 415.699.0708

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Very interested, I would have to get my hands on a 5th Gen 4Runner mount kit and shark fin delete. And then get to Modesto from California, unless you’d consider meeting halfway, or somewhere north of Modesto.

I had a lead on some mounts, I’ll follow up and see if he still has them (shipping from Colorado). And will see how long to get a shark fin delete from GFC.

Obviously keep the listing up, I’ll reach back out at some point in the next week or so and hope you still have it.


Hey Sam,
Where would you be coming from? I might be able to meet you part way.

Hey Pete,

Apologies, I meant from Seattle :crazy_face: slightly different.

Ha. Yeah. I might be willing to go as far as Redding. Though to be honest you might be better coming all the way down. At the shop we’ll be better able to help you get it installed properly.

That’s fair, I’ll keep you posted, sounds like I might have a solid lead on the delete kit and the 5th gen mounts.

Sam, My number is in the post. You can reach me there so the thread stays a little cleaner for others.

Sale pending