SOLD-Selling Build Spot #1515

Purchased this build spot #1515 in Sept. off the forum and then ended up finding a GFC locally in GA. So, re-selling build spot 1515. It was originally July 2021 start but latest news from GFC says it should start in May 2021.

I’m selling for what I paid, $500. I will take paypal or venmo.

Please contact through messaging or to for more info.

Build for me was to be a shortbed Tacoma, you may be able to change still.

Kenn W.

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Hey Ken, I just sent you an email.

Thanks, just replied

Kenn, sent you the $500.

@Brichards247 I have spot 1705 available for a build start date of June 2021 if you are interested.

Hey Sara,

Thanks for offering. I might wait to see if another one becomes available sooner.


Thanks Sara! And thanks for the interest Brandon.

Spot has been sold

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