SOLD-Selling Camper for Toyota Tundra extra Cab- SOLD

My camper it is about to go to production, I have a pregnant wife so I have to sale it :frowning:
Toyota Tundra, 6.5ft bed
Black panels
Orange frame
Front and rear windows
Added driver’s side door
It should be going into production any day when they start working again.
I already paid the full amount. Please let me know if you interested.

Hello, whats your unit# ? Thanks

Here you go :boom::boom:

Can adjustments still be made? Or is it set for a tundra only ?

I have a feeling that unless the components have been produced, changes can be made. Contact Taylor at GFC.


I posted about your inquiry. I’d contact Taylor at GFC to ask about changes.


Is this still available?

Yes it is available, let me know if you are interested.


Hello Elizacat, my order has been paid, the camper is not in production yet so I will talk to Mike or Taylor from customer support to see what can be done. What kind of truck do you have ?

Not sure of the process and how the money and paperwork exchanges hands, but I will buy it

Let talk to Mike from support and I will get back to you tomorrow.

You want my phone number?

For sure that would be great


Thx, and congrats on the kid. The best title you will ever have…Dad. :+1:

Cheers !
Thank you I will hit you up tomorrow.

Roger that.
I am CST (Texas)

Hi elpapachango! If fo any reason this doesn’t work out, let me know and I’ll snatch it!

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Just checking in. Still a “go”?

Is this still avail & would it work on a ‘20 TRD PRO? If so, email me & I’ll buy & can fund immediately.

Hello Jake I already sold a week ago.