[SOLD] Selling for Tacoma DCSB (5' bed) - Orange County, CA

Selling my GFC - #597 - located in Orange County, CA
Picked up in March 2020

Enjoyed several nights in it, no issues, looking for something bigger.
Orange frame and black panels, side tent door, front and rear windows.

Comes with all the floor panels and original foam/canvas - 5 inches were cut from each one of the square panels for airflow below for the dogs.

Comes with:

  • DIY beef racks with 3 bars
  • Netting
  • 4 D-rings
  • GFC Awning mounts
  • Matt Gecko upper warm white lights with extra wiring
  • added a handle at the rear rack for easier pull down to close the camper
  • telescoping ladder
  • 2 truck parts pop locks
  • gzilla awning blocks and tent rods

Without Awning - $7k
With 360 degree GhostAwn - $8,400

Let me know if you have questions!
More pics on IG, same username.

Interested in local pick up, sent a PM.

Pm sent. Serious buyer ready to pick up!

Pending sale.