SOLD - Selling spot #1210 - still everything to choose

Well, I bought this spot a couple months ago and have changed the trajectory of my build. A couple days ago I got the welcome kit. I can send it to whoever purchases this from me. The original deposit was $575 because it was purchases for the XL. This can still be amended to whatever build you want. I was going to put it on a Tacoma (Standard).

When the spreadsheet was still active, this was projected for a February build. But since I’m now supposed to choose materials I think it could be for a February delivery. Who knows. I know they expanded their factory a bit for faster builds.

I’d like $600 for it. That covers the deposit and some shipping for the welcome kit to you.

I’ll take Venmo or anything else as long as you cover any fee’s associated.

I will take it, PM on its way!

Id like to grab this, i have venmo! my text is 8144184282 :slight_smile: