SOLD**** - Selling spot 562

Hey guys.
Our plans changed and we have to save our money during our house build.
We are selling our GFC camper spot 562 (it was originally for a 3rd tacoma long bed).

If i’m not mistaken - I think the current plans had our build being completed in the coming weeks, near April/May 2020.

If there’s anyone who is interested, please shoot me a reply at

Please make me an offer.


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As a person who just picked up someones in process build, I’ll say that a quick email to Go Fast should get you exact details on what is in production, the options selected and the price you paid. They were also helpful in connecting someone who wanted out of their in production unit with me who had a spot further back in line with that same set of specs.

Hey all, I’m just jumping on this thread to provide some clarity.

First, we do not estimate completion dates for campers. This unit has not begun production, and we typically estimate a 12 week build schedule from the time a camper begins the production process.

Since this camper hasn’t begun production it is essentially a blank slate; an interested buyer does not need to have a long bed 3rd gen Taco. Once an interested buyer is found they will be able to set their options according to the truck specs they desire. At that point we’ll send an invoice for the total balance due on the build and get this unit slated into the build schedule. Builds that are scheduled out of order (like this one) typically take a couple of weeks to get started after payment is received.

If y’all have any questions hit me up at

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Thanks for the clarification GFC, Fraserwork, I sent you an email - I’m interested in purchasing your slot and have included my contact info in the email.


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