SOLD: Selling UNIT 901-V1 XL for sale

Used in good condition V1 XL, built for Tundra double cab w/6.5 bed

Paid 10k with accessories and delivery to Massachusetts. Had a blast over the past year and half but life has changed and I’ve decided to sell. $6500/OBO. Delivery w/ installation is negotiable. Available with the truck if you are looking for a turn key setup.

Call/Text Matt @ 351.667.2571

  • V1
  • Unit #: 901
  • Truck Model: 2017, Toyota, Tundra double cab, 6.5, Limited
  • Space Frame Color: Grey
  • Cabana Panels Color: White
  • Window Options: Front, Rear
  • Added Driver’s Side Tent Door: Yes
  • Beef Racks (3) with misc components.
  • Solar Tray
  • Telescoping ladder

Item has been sold, thank you for the interest!