SOLD. Spot 1805

Selling my camper reservation spot #1805. Estimated build start June 2021. No options set yet.

Edit: Have had a few people reply already. i’ll put contact info back up if nothing happens.

Edit: Spot is sold.

Interested. I sent you an email. You can also reach me by phone at 231218094eight

-Ryan S.

Here you go @blancataco

Hi @JoeyG - Please add me to the list of interested people. three zero three-514-7281

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301 area code are you from Maryland?

@crazyfingers it says 303, which I think is Denver area?

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@crazyfingers, @fatfurious2 is correct. I’m in Denver.


Damn my eyes are really going to crap. I swear i thought it was a one, but after looking at it again it was a three. lOl