(Sold) Spot #2180 from 3/8/21 : GFC Platform Camper (XL) - $7450 (paid $575 Deposit)

Build #2180

ORDER #10287

Order Date: 3/8/21


GFC Platform Camper (XL) - $7450

This order was originally intended for my Ford Super Duty when purchased on March 2021, GFC mentioned a target date of Oct/Nov 2021 for this model, since the order my financial situation has changed so I’m selling my spot.

No options (Colors/Windows/etc) have been selected. Since GFC has not yet made it available you should be able to select any other model tagged as “Released” from their spreadsheet :

You can confirm all this with GFC engineering.

Paid $575 Deposit , send me your offers if interested.

Thanks guys.

I’d be interested please email me at bike.wyatt@gmail.com

This spot has been sold