SOLD: Superlite for sale in Twin Cities (MN)

Superlite used 3x, garage stored, for sale in Twin Cities (MN). Like new. Selling for $1800 (with mounting hardware, no ladder, no mattress at that price).

Also have exact size Big Agnes Hinman 4 inch thick camping pad (inflatable foam) which can be included for $150 extra.

Will post pictures as thread updates over weekend, it’s like new (and not one of the early runs with the error in the printing). More camping friends than I anticipated, so need to go with bigger setup or full-on truck camper (haven’t decided). Reply with number you can be reached at if interested. Pick-up at my location only, or local drop off if paid in advance.

I’ll take it! Twin City Local here :raising_hand_man:t2:

Attaching (hopefully) a photo of the RTT.

Responded to latest inquires with requested info, available until sold

Still available? I’m in Rochester…

Still available, though I have someone tentatively coming to look at it this weekend. If that appointment does not get firmed up, will let you know. Normally don’t hold off like that on a sale, but I intentionally put it off due to being completely slammed at work this week (and want to be courteous to the first inquiry).

Okay. Please keep me posted. Where are you in the metro?

I’m in Woodbury (east side)

Thanks. Not too far a hike from Rochester…

The tentative appointment for this weekend has fallen through, so it’s still available. If interested, shoot me your contact info via a private message or reply.

Also, selling the tent including the mattress for $1850 (under the original shipped cost on the tent and mattress).

Having just noticed the “leftover” superlites dropped yesterday for $1500, less shipping (which ran me just over $500 to the Twin Cities), I’m adjusting my price to $1700 for just the tent and standard mounting hardware (which is a $300+ discount on the shipped cost of the new tents being offered. Again, would note this one was used about 5 nights (3 trips), stored indoors, and not “offroaded” (state park campgrounds only). Cash, pickup at my place in the east metro. Wasn’t intending to bump again before spring, but with the drop of the leftovers, thought there may be some interest…

My understanding of the latest drop is $1199 for the tent and $301 for shipping. Just as a heads up on your pricing.

Correction noted. I’m negotiable to including the mattress for the shipped “drop” price of $1500. That assumes it goes before year-end. If the drop price goes lower in the next batches, I’ll just wait until spring to determine what I’m going to do (at $1500 with the mattress, that’s my personal “keeping it vs selling” balance point price).

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This is now sold, mods please delete