SOLD- Superlite for Sale

I’ve decided to sell my superlite. I received it late May/Early June. I just installed it two-three weeks ago, however I have not used it once. I still have the mattress new in the box wrapped up. Also still have the ladder in the box new.

Everything included below:

GFC superlite
GFC superlite mattress
GFC ladder.
All original hardware.

Reason for sale is because I’m going to keep my truck stock for awhile. Many sudden changes are happening and I know for a fact I will not be camping anytime soon.

I will also be selling my prinsu rack if you’re interested in making it a package deal. (Purchased new for the superlite a month ago).

Asking price is $2500.

Feel free to leave your contact info and I will be reaching out, or you can send me a PM here as well.

I’m located in Whittier, CA.

Hey dude, can you please reach out to me? My number is 949-233-4280. Thanks!

Next in line jay 323-533-5439

Sale pending. I will post updates as needed.

Hey brotha! Was wondering if you’re still selling you’re superlite.

Super lite has been sold. Thank you for your interest everyone. Appreciated the quick and easy transaction!