SOLD - Superlite Spot w/ Shipping For Sale


I have a spot on the bottom part of Batch 3, which should ship within 30ish days (assuming production keeps pace) to sell. I drove down to TN to buy one early in the summer for a trip this fall. I ended up paying a bit over retail for it, but wanted to be sure to have it in time.

I paid $2400 all in for my early one, and would love to get some of that back on this spot. I know that’s above retail, and will consider all offers. Full set with mattress, ladder, & East shipping.

Ideally, we agree to payment terms & just change the shipping address on the order. However, if you’re local to SE PA, I can take delivery and local sell it.

I’m from Long Island, so if you get it delivered we can meet up somewhere

I’m actually working with a similar scenario (bought a local one while waiting). I’m down in NJ, and don’t seem to be many over here.

My spot is pending payment, but from what I read changing the shipping address won’t be hard. You shouldn’t have an issue moving it quick.

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Yes, once delivered you could come down and get it.

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All private messages have been replied to. Thanks

Just got an update that it’s ready for production! So the 30 day window should be pretty accurate.

This is sold, thank you!!

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