SOLD, Thanks, Selling build #1399, starts April 2021, model XL

XL build #1399, expected completion May 2021, $575

FYI, that isn’t the build number, that is the order number. Build numbers should be in the high 1000s or low 2000s now.

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I’m interested!


Very interested in here, and I have a XL Build further back in line if you are interested in delaying. What is your actual build number?

Also interested. Please email me

I dont think you are correct. I am build #1308 and am slated for a March build date. I just sent in my options and will be invoiced next week I would imagine. From all indications of how things have gone so far with the timeline, it appears his build number is correct.

I’m interested in purchasing your place if not yet sold

@DannyEnder he updated his post from a number in the 5000s to 1000s so I’m pretty positive my initial comment was valid, check out the comment edits.

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Oh my bad. No idea how to check out the edits but makes total sense. Thanks for the clarification. I was late to the party lol. Have a good one.

Have you sold your spot yet? I’m interested and would like to know before I go purchase one myself.
Please let me know.

@henrykramer - I’m getting line. I’m interested in your spot if everyone else falls through. Thanks!

Is this still available?!

It’s in the title of the post that its sold.