SOLD: Unit 647 for sale Tundra 5.5 Bed XL Camper

I am selling Unit 647, XL Camper for 5’5” Tundra CrewMax. Picked up on May 15th. 2020. The unit is in excellent condition with no issues at all. The solar attached is not included unless you want to pay extra for the ZAMP panel we can discuss and I can leave it. I just have to buy another for the next design as I am not uninstalling the charger controller from the truck so it would just be the panel. My wife has decided to go with me on most all trips and there are some things she wants that has made us make a decision to change camper style. I love the GFC and will miss it. Asking $7600 obo. Can meet depending and we can work that out if that is easier for someone and we can find a shop to hoist it off and put it on your truck. No waiting a year for one on your Tundra

Call me at 916-346-6217 with questions

Included accessories

wind skid

6 machined 90’s

3 xl beefrack x bars

8 foot ladder

Awning brackets

Solar panel mount

Extra track nuts for use

Side door on the tent

window between the cab and truck

I have $7850 invested with all the options - this does not include the cost of going and getting it….just like you!

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Bump on post, price is negotiable if you do not want the accessories. I can sell them on the marketplace.