SOLD: Used GFC Superlite For Sale - Seattle WA area

Hey all! I am putting my Superlite RTT for sale. I currently live in Kirkland WA and I am willing to drive within an hour to meet up or deliver it. It is the tent and the GFC mattress (NO ladder, as we use a hatch C4 ladder to get in). I am asking $1500. It is in perfect condition with no defects. No rips or tears, all zippers work, no condensation or mold issues, mattress does not leak. It includes original mounting hardware.

This has been a phenomenal tent for us and I am honestly a little sad to be letting it go. My wife and I are pregnant with our first and we will need some extra room. Other than that, this tent has so many advantages.

  • It is low profile
  • Zero wind noise on the road (at least mounted on our Prinsu rack)
  • Not heavy at all (we take it on and off every time we go camping and is kept in the garage when we are not using it). I can take it off the roof rack without any issues with my wife’s help who is 5’2" on a lifted 4Runner
  • It does great in the wind (as long as you point it into the wind)
  • Have not had any issues with condensation
  • It is not nearly as expensive as some of the other tents out there
  • Oh, and it is made in the USA!

I hope my next tent is as good as this one with just some extra room.

Let me know if you have any questions I might be able to answer.

What did you use for mounting hardware? Quick release brackets?

I currently have a deposit/pending sale.

It is not the quick release mounting kit. I have the Universal Mounting Straps that come standard with each SuperLite

Hey luis, interested in your Superlite and wondering if it is still available. Can email me at or just reply here. Thank you!

Is this sold? I’m looking for a Superlite for my 4Runner.

Hey, is this superlite still available? I’m up in Bellingham and can drive down to get it!


Hi everyone. This tent was SOLD and NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
Nto sure how to mark this post as no longer active.