SOLD: V1 $5500 - Used Once 2nd Gen Tacoma DCSB - SLC UT

Sorry to hear that, but it does sound like that might have been the case regarding v1 or v2 on the call. You’re good to go on this for both gens, just need that tailgate seal replaced and you’re good.

Hey! Is this still available? Thanks

Hi! We have a 2d gen ('07) that we are looking for the is exact same set up. Is it still available? We’re in AZ and can easily drive up.

Hi, yes it is still available @Spear504

I just realized there’s no way to PM. Please text me at 928-651-9264. Thanks!

Interested in driving from Central California to SLC for $5,000.

Selling it for $5500

Could you text me? 6027746699