SOLD: V1 $5500 - Used Once 2nd Gen Tacoma DCSB - SLC UT

Has upgraded hinges, Mett gecko upper lights, Duleth back organizer, Josh Edgar hatchlock, gzilla rain fly and GFC Flannel sheets. Sits on a truck that’s never really driven

That pic is a DCSB :wink:

Haha I was reading another post, my bad Ill adjust it

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GLWTS. Seems like a very fair price.

I am located in Salt Lake City, Utah also.

Is this still available?

It is

Definitely interested.

Hey, do you have any more photos?


More photos if anyone is interested

Still for sale?

Yes, It is.

Mark as sold.

I noticed this was reopened. Still available?

Yup, it is! Couldn’t fit on a 3rd gen w/o buying a back panel I guess

Hey @dubmai - For v1’s, you’ll only need to swap the tailgate seal. However, for the v2 campers, the rear panel does need to be swapped when moving between generations 2 & 3.

Really? He said he contacted you guys and he said the back panel had to be replaced so he backed out. I wonder if he thought I had V2. My local post said V1 though… @Thayne

We have a 2nd gen Taco as well. Can we come by to see the camper? We are local.

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