SOLD: V1 Camper for Ford Ranger 2019 Short Bed in Bend OR

I have loved my GoFast, but we have kids on the way and my wife wants a camper that she doesn’t have to access with a ladder. So Im selling my GoFast to another lucky future owner.

I got this camper new in 2020. It has the front and rear window options so that you can use your rearview mirror (somewhat), as well as the side entrances. Black paneling, Grey space frame and black fabric for the tent. I have a ladder that will come with the camper, and three beef racks, though only two are currently attached. Ive added a lighting setup that plugs into your cigarette lighter.

Its sized for a 2019-2022 Ford Ranger Short Bed (i.e. the 4-door model)

It’s still in excellent shape with minimal wear and tear. The rear gasket has curled some, and is no longer dust-tight. As pictured, I have taken out the padding for the tent, as we preferred to use our Hest mattress. The cushions are barely used, and have been stored in a cool dry basement for the last two years.

The camper is in Bend, OR. Local pickup only. Buyer will have to source their own rubber gasket to mount onto their truckbed.

Please message me directly if interested, or if you want specific pics/questions answered.

Price: $5000


sent you a dm. I’m super interested and can pick it up this weekend.

This V1 is available again, the buyer fell through.

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I cant seem to find the dm button, can you give me a text or dm. number is 805-450-8338

I’m interested, is this still available? I sent you a DM. Thanks

I am just curious if the black tent material in the V1s blocked out more light. Did the fabric allow light to pass through?

It’s pretty dark in there with it all zipped up. A little bit of light comes through but I don’t find it noticeable.

Now sold. Unfortunately cannot change title.

Thanks @MBBME !

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