SOLD: V1 GFC camper, fits 4th gen Ram, 6’ bed

For Sale: V1 GFC camper, fits 4th gen Ram, 6’ bed

V1 GFC camper with 3 roof bars and solar mounted. Solar wires run into front passenger side of front camper panel.

Comes with solar panel, bars, ladder, flannel cushion covers and has the updated aluminum hinges for the panels that open,

Bought a project M so the GFC needs a new home.

It’s in Bozeman, MT

Please send all personal information, such as phone numbers and email, via personal message.

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What year was it made?
I’ve got a 22 2500 with the short bed. From what i understand it should fit it.

Thank you

The camper was one of the last V1s to come off the line. I believe it was November 2020.

I’m not sure about fit on a 2022. Where do you live?

Im in eastern South Dakota. I have a daughter in Helena that Im going to see mid August.

Ill check with GFC about the fit.

Thank you, Greg

Is this for the 6’4" bed or the 5’7"?

I would also like to know the answer to this question.

The camper sold.

Still trying to figure out how to take down the add.

@Thayne can close it.