SOLD: V1 GFC For 3rd Gen Tacoma Short Bed

Selling a V1 GFC camper (build #1072) fitted for a 3rd Gen Tacoma Short Bed.

  • Black exterior | Orange frame | Black tent

  • No panel windows

  • Tent has rear door and two windows

  • Manufactured with upgraded hinges

  • Includes a set of custom locks

  • No modifications have been made

Located in Seattle. Willing to meet up for viewing or to send a requested video. I’ll post as many pictures as I can.

Looking for around $6,000 OBO

I’m interested in this.


Is this still available? If so I am interested

Yep, still available

Seeing if this is still available. Interested in checking it out in the next couple of days.

Sale is currently pending.

Would like to purchase if still available.
Thank you

Is it still for sale?

This has now been sold.