SOLD: V1 GFC For Sale: 3rd Gen DCSB Tacoma

Upgraded Hinges
Included with Camper:
GFC Fitted Sheets
GZilla Rain Fly Pole Holder Set
Located In Carson City, Nv.


Nice camper, GLWS.

Just curious, are you going without a shell for now? I ask because I’m going to pick up my V2 GFC in about a week, and will be selling a Barcelona Red Leer 100XR shell with all the extras here in SLC shortly. I just noticed we have the same truck, if you are interested in my Leer once you sell your GFC let me know….

Thank you very much.

I’m still running the GFC, it is still the best option for me at this time. I know you will enjoy your GFC, they are a great product and an awesome company to do business with. I will keep you in mind for when things change. Thanks again.

If you for some weird reason ever come to the east coast I’d take it.

I am interested, please text me at 714-794-5507. Thanks.

Very interested and headed that way shortly.
Thank you

Would be able to come up next weekend if this is still available.
Thank you