SOLD: V1 GFC XL RAM 6'4" bed (Boulder)

Looking for $6,500 OBO - motivated to sell!

Camper is in excellent shape with grey tent, black frame, and black panels. It is for a 6’4” truck bed (it’s currently set up for a 2008 Dodge Ram).


We’ve purchased a new truck with a smaller bed, so we need to part with this GFC. It has been kept continuously in our garage when not in use. The tent is like new, with two side entrances as well. There are no scratches on panels and the frame and latches are in original working order. We added two LED lights in the sleeping area/upper compartment and two LED lights in the lower compartment; we also added two LED exterior seam lights. It was only used a few times per year since purchased.

We’re in the Boulder, Colorado area, but if needed we could meet you elsewhere along the Colorado Front Range (but you’d need to provide a means to off-load).

Was your 2008 a 2500?

Yes - this was set up for our Dodge Ram 2500. Price is negotiable. Thanks!

Could I have a look at it this week? I think it might work really well for our growing family…thanks! Just joined and trying to figure out how to message you…

Hello! Is this still available?

Yes - it’s still available. I’ll send you a message with my contact info.

Dang…If we were closer, I would be very interested!
Going towards N. Idaho anytime soon?

No plans at present, but Colorado is a beautiful place to visit as well if your plans change -

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We may have a possible sale but nothing firm yet, so our GFC is still available at this point. Thanks! Sending you a separate message -

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Pending sale fell through, so OUR GFC IS STILL FOR SALE after all!

If it’s still available I can come snag it this Sunday

Yes, it’s still available, but we have someone else coming from the Western Slope to see it on Sunday. I’ll send a private message with our phone number if you want to talk.

SOLD for $6,500. Thanks, everyone, for your interest!