SOLD: V1 platform camper for 02-11 Ford ranger- $6500

Hello all! The time has come for me to part with my go fast camper. This is a little bit of a weird one- its for the older style ford ranger. The camper is in awesome shape. I am located in Tofino bc. Happy to deliver on the island or the south coast area. That being said: this is an incredible place, and if you are at all interested in this camper do your self a favor and use it as an excuse to come visit. Asking 8k cad (6500 usd).

Known issues (shown in pictures):
There are some small totally superficial scratches on the passenger side panel
There are a few places on the tent door where the hem ribbing wasn’t propperly affixed to the fabric from the factory. GFC would probably fix it for free were you to show them, but it has been a total non-issue.
The clamps are starting to show a tiny amount of rust.

This camper has front and back windows, two tent doors, yakima roof racks, the new hinges, and comes with 4 awning brackets (two old and two new).
It has essentially all of the available JEdwards products (hatch latches, mag spots, and tent locks)

It will come with a diy platform, diy insulation, magnetic battery powered lights and some wiring. We can negotiate some of the other gear I had for it if you are interested.

You can check out my build thread here

I am selling to upgrade to a slide in. I used to have a four wheel camper, but I had to sell it because I didn’t have a place to keep it. If you have a slide in pop up that you would be interested in a partial trade on you will go to the front of the line. If you want the truck too for a turn key setup I am happy to talk about it. It would be a pretty cheap way to get into a bad ass off road camping setup.

Just going to bump with some cool pics.

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Here to update with some pictures of the buildout that comes with: I have a bed rug that will be included. IMHO this is definitely the best way to run these campers. It pretty much solves the dust issue with no expanding foam madness and it makes your bed much more comfortable to walk around in barefoot.

It will also come with two platforms, both have an aluminum frame that is extra beefy and way lighter than wood.

The first one goes all the way across. It can be mounted in two positions to either fit under bed size tubs under it or full size.

The second goes 2/3 of the way so you can roll a mountain bike next to it. It fits full hight tubs under it. It’s also mounted on hinges so you can access the tubs near the cab of the truck without removing everything. (will be covering with weatherproof rubber soon)

Also updating: I am willing to deliver pretty much anywhere in the pnw.

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Hey there, have you sold this or is it still available?

Back here to update: Last summer I was hoping cost to sell so I could upgrade for a longer term trip this winter. I enced up just doing the trip in the gfc and it was awesome! As the trip comes to an end I am thinking I am going to put this back up for sale.


Cost breakdown in usd:
Camper alone (includes platform, bedrug and a firm highfive): 5500
270 freestanding doghouse tent awning: 600
170w solar panel, dc-dc/mppt charger/180ah lithium battery: 1000
Whole thing, including the truck: 17000

THat’s right, a fully turn key 4x4 off road capable camper for 17000…

I have made a number of changes to the camper since my last post, but the big one is that I did a proper install of the diesel heater in my truck bed. Happy to sell someone the parts, but the big thing is the install which obviously you would be on your own for unless you buy the truck too.

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Replied at Expedition Portal but signed on here am interested at 17,000 for truck and camper. My name is Raymond I am from Sitka, Alaska. Thank you

Here to bump this thread with some more recent photos of the truck and new build out.

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Hey curious if you would be willing to sell the Yakima roof racks?

Interested in the camper/bedrug/highfive combination plate. I’m local to Oregon. hit me up in email?

The rig has sold. Thanks for the interest everyone.