SOLD: V1 Superlite+Puffpad and ladder, $1400, only one trip

Hi, I’m looking to sell my V1 Superlite, Puffpad and ladder. It’s very low miles, it’s only been on one trip. We found it’s a significant PITA to get on our Outback, and are going to go in a different direction. Looking for $1400 for everything.

I’ll follow up with a second post with some photos. Note there is one cut on the back end of the outside covering (not the actual tent fabric). It’s about 3" long, we think it happened during shipping but we didn’t catch it when the box arrived. I’ll include a close-up photo in my next post.

Location: I live in Spokane but am in Bend this weekend with the Superlite. I can sell it in either location, but if I don’t hear anything in the next 24 hours or so, it’s coming back to Spokane with me. If someone’s in the Bend area and is interested, I can meet up this weekend or leave it with family here, let me know.

Here are some photos…seems I’m limited to 5 images per post, so I’ll add another post showing the cut. You can see higher res versions of these images here:

Here are some photos of the cut. It’s near the top left of the back end.

Here’s a close up of the cut. This area is not under tension and the cut hasn’t grown since we noticed it.

Puff Pad! This is a very comfortable mattress, I can’t sleep on a Thermarest, but had no problem sleeping on this. We’ve used it for one night, it’s basically new.

Are you still in bend? I’d like to buy it from you.

Hey! Unfortunately, I left Bend before I saw your post; the tent is in Spokane now. Any chance you’ll be up this way this summer?

I live In Portland, maybe I can make a trip up there. 50three 9two6-one555. Feel free to contact me.

I’m interested too if the previous buyer falls through. In Snohomish County, could make the trip out. Call/text 702 nine two seven 64 four six

Thanks, I shot you a text.

I am interested if you still have this Superlite. Morgan out of Reno. 310 two-two-seven 9243

Hi, interested and about 3 hours away with Sunday availability! Text me when you can if others pass? 4o658o1159 :heart:

Hi Captain Morgan and Melicat, Ryanc1174 is on deck to buy the tent and is working out scheduling for a trip out to Spokane in early August. If things don’t come together, I’ll get in touch with you.

The tent is sold; Ryanac1174 picked it up today. Have fun Ryan!