SOLD: V1 XL for sale, Ram

I’m looking to sell my V1 from a 5th gen Ram 6’ 4” bed. Located in Las Vegas. Anybody interested?

Black panels
Grey tent
Grey frame
Windows front and rear
Embassy hinge

6’4’ bed? If i could talk my wife into a road trip from VT, I’d be super interested.

Yea, 6’ 4” bed. That’s a long drive!

Price and any photos?

Hi, I’m interested, I have a 2016 2500 with a 6’4 bed. Would be great to find out the deets.

It’s already off the truck, but I can try and take some pics later. New, it’s like 9K… I’d need to think about price.

Not the best pic of the camper itself, but all I have right now.

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I know… too far I’m afraid. Thanks.

Just talked to the delivery driver from GFC hes headed up your way to Maine soon he said.
Do it :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Really? How much does that cost? Guess I’ll be talking to the wife again…

Here’s some pictures. I took the panels off to help get it off the truck. They’re in my garage. Black, with window on the back one. I can send some pictures of those of folks would like to see them too.

@olekils it should fit perfect, my truck bed should be the same dimensions as yours.

I have a bunch of aftermarket stuff too… like the drip rails, tent lock, awning bracket, bedding catch, top shelf, etc…

Any price on this yet?

I can try and price it all later… is 7.5k fair? I think buying everything new would be ~10k with the add ons, tax, install, etc…

It’s still in good shape. I’d recommend new gas struts on the panels, since those wear out over time, and it’s been 2+ years. And would need new seals for the bed rail.

Feel free to DM me what you think is reasonable and I can consider it.

Interested, dependent on price. Located in So Cal. Also have a PW.

DM price you’re looking for?

Any updated photos with the doors reattached?