SOLD. V2 Build #1778 For Sale, June start date

Hello, I am selling my June start date build #1778. GFC will be sending the camper options soon. This is for a XL build. Please DM me. $575.00

Thanks, Coleman

Hi Coleman, Would like to buy your spot. Just sent DM

PM sent as well, putting my name on the list haha!

Cool. Its for a XL. I payed $575.00 for the deposit. You can send me money through PayPal. My email is Also, If you can select friends and family it will save me some money. I can then transfer the ownership to GFC after I receive the payment. Thanks, Coleman

Hey Coleman, thanks just want to confirm with GFC then ill send PayPal your way! Hang tight.

Also - would it be possible just to send me a screenshot of your build number to confirm it is yours?

Here is a my order from gmail. :smile:

Here is the letter from GFC with the build number. Coleman

Thanks for sharing the extra info!

I think Sam is on it!!

I am in for XL BUILD spot if still available
Thank you