SOLD V2 Camper 2016+ Tacoma Long Bed SLC UT

Standard options from GFC: tent side doors, front window, rear window

  • Roof rack: 15 series (1.5 x 3 inch) solid T-slotted extrusion
  • Mantis claw ladder and mounts
  • JED DripRail
  • Gzila rain fly poles and mounts
  • GFC flannel sheets
  • 1" added memory foam
  • Cargo net for bedding (similar to VRNCLR bedding catch)
  • LED lighting “downstairs”
  • Custom wind fairing
  • Locks on pop up cam latches

Super clean, regularly washed and aired out to dry. Locks regularly lubricated with Boeshield T9. I have stayed just a few nights total in the tent portion, not at all since the mattress upgrade. Fabrics are in excellent condition.

Salt Lake City, UT $9000 OBO
The full build with the truck is for sale on here too.
David (615) 306-5182


Do you know if this would fit a 2nd generation 6ft bed?

Yes. Last week I took some measurements on a 2013 or 2014 Tacoma. The main flat face of the rear panel will line up just past your tailgate. So, you could partially bend the lip back down and get some overlap to “lock” your tailgate. Or cut it off and extend down an inch or two by joining with another flat panel.

If you have the shark fin antenna on the cab roof, you likely need to replace with a low profile one: