Sold: V2 camper for 2021+ F150 5.5 Very New $8200

V2 camper for 2021+ F150 5.5 bed
including: side door/vents+ cab side window + rear view window + 2 GFC beef racks

In great condition: first installed in Aug, 2023, minimally used (tent section actually never used), whole camper just like new except a couple of minor spots of normal wear

Selling the camper and truck and switching to van for family

Location: Escondido, CA. Self pick-up or meeting at mid point.

Asking price: $8200

Please contact through message, thanks!

Hey I am interested, I am in Escondido too. Let me know if I can check it out 858735ninesixninefive

Sure, please email me at, I will send you the address, sorry haven’t figured out how to DM

Very interested.