SOLD! - V2 Camper forDCSB Tacoma - 2nd Gen

Thanks for all the interest. A buyer has been found in Texas. If anything happens with the deal, I’ll make sure to let everyone know.

I love my GFC camper but I don’t use it nearly as much as I thought I would. I’ve slept in it maybe four times? I also just picked up another project and I could use additional funding for that.

Camper was bought new and installed at GFC’s headquarters in Belgrade, Montana. Options I added at the time of purchase:

Grey panels - +399
Front and rear windows - +400
Double side tent doors - +525
2 Beef bars - +$398
Sheets for mattress panels - $84

Later, I added:

Ladder with Mantis Claw mounts - $298
Gzila rain fly holder kit (not installed) - $85
Matt Gecko LEDs (not installed) - $125
Big Agnes inflatable mattress - $100

Camper is in excellent condition. I park my truck indoors so the camper is out of the elements a lot. Very slight stripes from a branch on the left side door. Very minor but I want to be transparent about the condition. Everything works as it should. Set’s up in about 5 minutes and take down is a little longer. Cabana-style doors are awesome, giving access from the outside to every part of the bed. But you know all this already…

As you would expect from GFC, quality on the build is excellent. Tent fabric is very durable and zippers are robust. Do not regret the purchase at all. Just time to move on! May actually pick up a topper from GFC after the camper sells.

$7250 - located in Helena, Montana but we can talk about delivery. I bring to you, you come to me, we meet in the middle? I am driving to Texas from Montana at the beginning of the year so delivery to points along the way or in Texas is an option.

Any questions? PM me and thanks for your interest. Happy to send additional pics if needed.



Very interested in the topper and live in Denver. Could you send me a number so I can contact about purchasing?


Can a 2nd gen camper fit on a 3rd gen tacoma? If so I am interested.

Rear door needs to be swapped.

Hello - very interested as well. Located in East Texas and the timing would match up with when I’m looking to buy.

Please let me know a good phone number if it is still available.

Hi there, a gentleman in Texas has put a deposit down on the camper. If something falls through I will definitely let you know. Thanks for your interest.

It can fit but my understanding is that the rear panel is different. I think it might be shorter? My camper is actually sold and the buyer is having a Gen 3 panel made for it.

A gentleman in Fort Worth is buying the camper. If anything happens, I’ll let you know.

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Did he buy it?