SOLD: V2 for 6ft bed 3rd Gen Tacoma w/ 190W solar in Denver, CO - $8k

We have a V2 Go Fast Camper for sale that is currently on our 2019 long-bed Tacoma. Our whole setup would cost $11,507 new. We purchased this Spring 2022. We are selling it because we are moving and will not use it as much for the next phase of our life. The 190-watt solar panel was professionally installed by Mesa Overland in Paonia, CO.

There is a diesel tank mounted to the side of the passenger side panel that we can leave on or remove. If you think you’re going to set this up with a diesel heater, the reservoir tank can be included.

There is a corner piece cut out from one of the smaller modular squares for the heat to get up to the top part of the camper. We see a lot of people running their heater hoses by passing them through an unzipped window. We think this is way better.

There is a little spot where the zipper is coming detached from the tent fabric that just needs a bit more adhesive.

Ladder included.

Please reach out if you are interested. We are located in Southwest Denver.

Hi Rachel,

I’m interested, but I’m on the East coast. Any chance you’re moving out this way?

@Satkunas noo, the other direction :slight_smile:

Hey Rachel - we are interested and are in the Denver area. Can we work out a time to come take a look?

Hi. We are around today. I have someone coming at 9:30 today. But feel free to text me and I can keep you posted on what happens with it. 203-430-0535

Super Interested and where in Denver are you!? I would come get it this week if your available for sure! Shoot me a text 2015743784