[SOLD]V2 gfc for 3rd gen dcsb Taco in Connecticut[SOLD]

[SOLD] in Connecticut (and surrounding areas): V2 Go Fast Camper for 3rd gen short bed Taco

Has the back and front windows on the camper as well as the side doors on the tent

Upgrades on the gfc:

LEDs all around dimmable and red/white selectable

Shitco awning for the back

Telescoping ladder

Not installed yet but have a renogy 250watt solar panel, 8020 and all assorted parts for installation of the panel on the extrusion.

Two sets of sheets

Extra memory foam added to mattress



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How much for the camper if selling separately?

8k obo

Interested in the GFC. Currently have a 2017 TRD Sport DCSB, located in VT. Will confirm the camper fits, i am pretty sure it does.

It definitely should but give a call to gfc and they will confirm for ya :slight_smile:

It 100% fits.

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Still available?? I am in NH and in the market for a GFC email me at hondaguyf20c@yahoo.com


Would you be so kind to send me some pictures. Thanks

Just added some to the post and there is an album. I had some pics on here before not sure how they got removed

I’m very interested. I live in the Hudson Valley - depending on where you are in CT, we could connect this upcoming weekend and move really quickly. I have a 2023 short bed Tacoma. Have a few questions to talk through that are informational rather than contingencies (i.e. how we’d make the install switch, why you’re selling, any issues with it, what would be involved in hooking up the solar). I know I want a GFC and it’s handy to have one so nearby.

Also curious if you’ve found any good mods for condensation issues with winter camping – I saw some of your old posts about taking it on ski trips, etc. Since that’s one of the main criticisms I’ve heard about the GFC. Curious how that went and whether you ever had enough power going off of solar to make heat happen (or whether you needed it). Thanks!

  1. how we would make the switch:
  • Will need 4 or more people to make the switch. If we schedule ahead of time I can recruit some friends but the more you bring the easier it will be.
  • You will need new bulb seals for the rails on your truck, they are single use. You might need to double up on the cab side, you can call GFC and ask them about this, they sell the bulb seals.
  • Here is a video GFC put out on the v2 install: (400) How To Install a V2 Camper on your Vehicle - YouTube
  1. Why are you selling?
  • I sold my Tacoma, getting into a full truck camper as it fits my lifestyle currently better.
  1. Any issues with the camper?
  • The usual pinstriping on the panels from driving around forests, if your Tacoma doesn’t have them, it will. The third brake like is broken, it came from the factory like that. I have a brand new one from gfc to replace it, just two bolts. Simple job.
  1. What would be involved in hooking up the solar.
  • Getting the bolting right, I have all of the hardware pretty much for it but you will likely need some spacers to get it to tightly bolt on to the extrusion. Otherwise you could opt for some of those beef bars GFC sells. You would also need to run the wiring. A lot of people drill holes in the cab side of the camper and put in marine solar glands: Our Solar Setup - HOW TO / Systems - Go Fast Forum (gofastcampers.com) I haven’t had the panel installed but the equipment to get it there is 90% there and the panel is a renogy 250 watt which works great (plugged it in and tried it out without it on the truck)
  • You will also need a battery system like a yeti or something else that has a solar charger
  1. What about condensation?
  • condensation is going to be a problem with any camper unfortunately unless you are running a diesel or wood heater. Without heat or using a propane source the only solution is good ventilation, which is how I solve for it. A zero degree bag and keep the small windows open, if your head is by that small window even better as most of the condensation is from your breathing.
  • You could potentially try using one of those electric/chemical dehumidifiers, I used one in my tow behind camper to keep my mattress dry and it worked pretty well. Long term you might want to invest in a diesel heater if you are planning on doing a lot of colder temp camping and the condensation bothers you: The Game-Changing Winter Camping Upgrade (youtube.com)

Sounds great. Sent you a private message for next steps. (Pinging here in case messages don’t send alerts)