SOLD: V2 GFC for 3rd Gen Tacoma DCSB (truck also for sale) in AZ - $6500

Officially listing my GFC for sale as my wife and I are moving to a plug-in hybrid SUV and selling our truck as a result. This build is configured for my 2019 Toyota Tacoma with a dual cab short bed (DCSB, 5’ bed). This build is a V2 model with black panels and desert brown tent material. I haven’t made any modifications to it aside from installing the updated latches for the tent in place of the button locks it originally came with, and the 3rd brake light is still brand new as I never hooked it up.

There are zero functional issues and this camper is in what I’d consider excellent condition. It has one small scuff on the underside of the top honeycomb panel from when I bumped it with an LED lantern, and a small bit of fading on the rear T-slot panel. Other than that it’s pretty mint. I’ve stored my truck in the garage while at home and typically park under a solar canopy at work to keep it out of the AZ sun.

This camper is located in Gilbert, AZ (Phoenix suburbs) and I’m not looking to ship it. I’m willing to meet in the AZ or SoCal areas as long as I still have the truck, but once the truck is sold I would need the potential buyer to pick it up from my residence. My asking price is $6,500 flat and if that price is met I will also include the ladder, mantis claw and catch kit that I originally bought it with.

I’m sure at some point I’ll regret letting this go, and if the truck wasn’t getting sold I absolutely would not be getting rid of the GFC. It’s been extremely functional for the time I’ve owned it, from acting as convenient storage for errands around town or securing my bike in the bed due to the lockable panels, to long road trips through California, AZ, Utah, Colorado, and beyond. Going forward it’ll serve as a fantastic memory, and I hope whoever snags it can enjoy it as much as we did.

If you are in the market for a truck + camper, I’d be willing to sell the whole thing as is. The truck has 60k miles on it, has lived in AZ it’s entire existence, and has been dealer serviced every 5k miles. It’s fully loaded with the technology and premium packages and 4WD…basically as loaded as it can get without being a TRD Pro. The truck is what I’d consider excellent condition aside from one small desert pinstripe. Other than that, it looks brand new as it was ceramic coated from the time I bought it. I have all of the service records as well as records of anything that’s ever been done to the truck, including every single fuel fill up with MPG calculations. It’s relatively stock aside from the following:

-Avid Offroad bolt-on rock sliders built locally here in Queen Creek
-All weather floor mats
-Method 17" wheels with 265/70/17 Toyo Open Country AT3s (installed 16k ago)
-Auto Vent Shade In-channel Window Vents
-Updated 2020+ grille (I have the original plus another 2020+ grill that I intended to paint)

Thanks for looking, and reach out with any questions you may have!

Edit: Camper has been sold and transferred as of 11/4 and the truck is no longer for sale.

Hey! i’m in paradise valley, is there any chance you could shoot me a text? 602-774-6699

Hey I am interested if you want to text me 3039560367

I’m also in AZ, if you want to shoot me a text at 480-919-6329, it would be greatly appreciated!

hello, still available? i am also interested and can pay now and pick up. how can we talk?

Still avaliable?

Still available?

Sorry folks, apparently I wasn’t receiving notifications on this post.

The camper has officially been sold and transferred as of this weekend.