SOLD: V2 GFC for Ram 1500 5"7" bed '09-'23--$6750

Reposting with price drop. Cannot figure out how to modify original post.

$6750 OBO.

2022 V2 Platform Camper. Black, stone grey fabric, 2 side windows and 2 side doors. Ladder from GFC and drip guards included. Excellent condition.

Family life forcing me to change vehicles. No issues with camper. Its been great. Its coming off the truck and will be garaged by mid November.

Located in Bozeman, MT.

Is this still for sale?

I am also curious if this is still available? I am in the Missoula area and would be willing to drive over whenever.

no it’s not available anymore because I bought it.
OP is probably not on the forum anymore.

Thank you for letting us know!

no worries!
i figured OP is no longer on the forum since he moved on to SUVs if I recall our conversation at GFC HQ correctly