SOLD: V2 Platform Camper 2nd Gen Tacoma 6'

Selling my Build #: 3128:

For the most part I haven’t modded the GFC much, haven’t drilled any holes or modified the gfc in any form like that.

The only mods I have done are insulating all the panels and covering the insulation with green nomex (fire resistant material) if one wanted to cook/or whatever inside without worrying about melting things. This was all done with a bunch of velcro so not permanent if you’re not into. I will say that it makes it much quieter inside and obviously traps the heat better. Also, this is a recent mod so the fabric hasnt had a chance to get smelly/dirty (Nomex is also quite mold and mildew resistant).

The biggest improvement I think I did for the camper was making a wind fairing, which significantly reduced wind noise and improved MPG by 1-2. I honestly think this design is better than anything I saw on the market, and if your not into the Wood which has 3 coats of Polyurethane, you will have a model to trace onto any other material you would like to use.

Other than that I just hung up some LED lights that are AA powered because I work for the Forest Service and we essentially have an unlimited supply of those haha.

Locks all work great and no dents or dings anywhere on the Camper! Its been great but ultimately I’m looking to not live out of my truck for work again ha and save up for a down payment for house.

Could also be interested in selling the Truck + Camper if the price is right buuuut I love this truck!

$8,500 OBO
Currently in SLC for the next month or so.

Where are you headed next? Any chance it’s Arizona?

Cedar City, so a few hours closer

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I live near SLC could I come take a look at it?

Ya for sure! send me your number

801 451 9841

Your GFC still for sale?

Interested if it’s available.

(805) 458-6041

Thank you,

And gone.