SOLD: V2 Platform Camper 3rd Gen Tacoma

3rd Gen Tacoma V2 Platform Camper

Short Bed

Tangerine Dream Tent Fabric

Both Side Doors

Black Panel Color

Both Windows

Mantis Claw Ladder and Bracket

Very lightly used. No flaws. Installed in MT at the GFC headquarters the 3rd week of October '21.

As a new user to the forum I can only post one picture. If more are needed, text me at (three 0 three) 641 - 256eight.

Located in Boulder, Colorado.


Any idea if this will fit a short bed Colorado?

Unfortunately I do not. GFC customer support would be the best to answer that question. My guess is, even if it fit, it probably wouldn’t fit perfectly.

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Can I ask why this cost more then a new one from GFC is it the ladder or something? Sorry I’m a newb

Sorry for the delayed response.

Not a bad question at all. I may be wrong but this is how it was when I purchased. Possibly something has changed.

Base platform camper + optional glass + optional side windows + ladder.
$7,700 + $400 + $525 + $289 = $8,914

It’s possible they took out the options and just rolled them into the base price increase that happened a month ago. With the amount of people reaching out with a Craigslist ad it makes me think $8,200 is still less than new.

Hey there, is this still available?

Not still available by chance is it?

Camper has been sold. Thank you.