SOLD: V2 Platform Camper F250 all options in Norcal

Selling my V2 platform camper, installed on an 2021 F250 with standard bed. All options (front/rear window, tent side doors, stone grey material, black panels, 3 beef bars).

This was installed Feb of 2022 at HQ in Montana. It’s actually only been used once (in the driveway) and generally closed since… Getting rid of the truck and going a different direction for our camping needs (Class A life…).

I’ve got some solar panels and such too happy to throw in with it, never got around to installing them. Sheets and other random accessories will come with it (mantis claws, ladder, etc). The rear lights were never wired in, so still wrapped and ready.

I’m in east bay (bay area), in norcal… Happy to see if we can schedule something in Sacramento to have it moved between trucks.

Happy to come in around $6500 on this.

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How much for the Beef Bars?

What year F250? I have an 04.

updated post, my bad missing that. It’s on a 2021.

Not looking to part it out right now, but will let you know!

Sending you a DM

Is this still available?

Pending sale at the moment, if it falls through will know after labor day… will ping you!

Sounds good

Sold! Thank you GFC Orange for doing the swap!

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