SOLD: V2 platform for 5 1/2 foot f150 West Yellowstone Montana

V2. Fits 2019 through current model F150 with 5 1/2 foot bed.
Installed in Montana in October 2021
-Front and rear window
-Side tent doors
-2 roof rack bars (whatever gfc calls them)
-270 awning mounted to passenger side
-Shower tent mounted to passenger side.
-Fitted sheet set.
-Custom 36” flood/ warning light attached to the rear panel above the 3rd brake light.

  • smoked black 3rd brake light.

The platform camper has been used 15 times. Camper and tent are in good condition.

There are a few cosmetic scratches from normal use.

The drivers side lock was removed for installation of the awning.

Platform camper is available in west Yellowstone Montana.

If you want the platform camper shipped, you arrange shipping and pay the fees

Price: $8100 cash.

Serious inquiries only

Text 951-285-5488

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