SOLD! V2 Tacoma Camper *sale pending*

For sale! V2 3rd gen Tacoma Short bed. Modified decked drawer system. Solar set up. Propane mount. Packout plate.

Camper: Install date was November 3rd 2022. So it’s almost a year old and I have camped in it a few dozen times. It is in good condition, no rips or tears or scratched metal. I installed lights on the panels that come up so you can illuminate your whole campsite for easier camp set up. It’s also nice for when you are in your camper and need light.

Drawers: modified the decked to allow a walk way to stand in the camper and sit on the decked while camper is opened. It is all working amazing and is still water tight.

Solar: renogy 100w panel is plenty of panel to supply a 50ah battery in the decked. It is currently powering a fridge(not included), lights, and an external diesel heater(not included). I wired in a usb and usb c charge port so you can charge accessories. And left plenty of open spots in the fuse block for more added accessories if you choose to add more. The Charge controller is also awesome at showing status of charge and battery health.

I am at the point where my family is growing so we are going to need a full size. I loved building this truck and the whole camper outfit for it so I will be ordering a camper as soon as I have a full size truck. And will probably build the exact set up.

Located in Salt Lake City UTAH. I would be willing to deliver for a cost to anyone in northern Utah. Or meet halfway for a cost.

I am not trying to promote my instagram but if you want the fastest reply please DM me @Trd_expedition. I’d also be happy to provide more pictures of wiring and how things are mounted. I would like to sell it all as a whole since it’s all set up perfectly for a truck transfer.

For everything listed I am asking $8500
I will also be listing the whole truck for sale dm if interested.

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Deep cut, but that’s a great looking Brittany!

Hey there, I’m super interested! I’m in Utah down in Cedar City. Id love to make it happen!

Do it! Join us