SOLD: V2 XL 6'4" RAM and Buildout /// Asheville, NC

Location: Asheville, NC
V2 GFC XL for 6’4” Bed Ram

Up for sale is a V2 GFC XL. Works like it is brand new! We love this GFC setup, but are switching rigs. The powdercoat on the panels still looks great, it is a little dusty in the pics due to our gravel road.

Brand new tent with side windows (the most recent design)
Water Intrusion Update
2- 100w Renogy panels on the roof
Overland Soft Gear sheets with 1” of additional foam
Location: Asheville, NC
Price $7800

Build out:
The whole thing is built out of 80/20. The right side has a 6’ countertop with sink and cutting board. There is 3x 5 gallon jerry cans with quick change valves for fresh water and 1 jerry can that the gray water drains into. The system is powered by a 12v Surflow pump. There is also an outlet on the back panel for filling bottles from the back hatch or connecting a hose for rinsing bikes. The hose connection is my favorite feature and is incredibly useful. We use a Bluetti eb70 to power the whole setup(can be included). With the 200w of solar on the roof we have never had an issue powering everything even in overcast weather. A diesel heater can be mounted under the cabinet to keep things warm in the winter. The back 2 panels with topo lines are hand wood burned.

The right cabinet is designed to hold 4- Step 22 Stingray boxes that we use for clothes/gear and 2- Frontrunner Wolfpack boxes that we use for food. We prefer those to be hard plastic for cleaning. The boxes are not included.

The Left cabinet is designed to hold 1- Frontrunner Wolfpack box in the front for quick access. It can be pulled out the back with the tailgate down and also pulled out the side for when you are inside the camper. The back of the cabinet is accessible through the main door on the bench and has a large amount of storage. The Fridge is mounted to the front section. We use a Setpower rv45d, which has been excellent(can be included).

We have used the interior setup extensively and it works very well!

Price $2500
$2750 with fridge
$3100 with fridge and EB70


Such a cool build! GLWS

Thanks! Hoping it will go to a good home!

Bump! Open to offers! I shoild clarify that the tent that is on the camper is both the newest design and also brand new never used. It was replaced during the water instusion update.

Pm’d you


love your setup, what kind of cabinet system are you using on the passenger side?


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Its a custom cabinet. It uses 80/20 and plywood for the panels.

It wont let me update the original post, but per GFC the camper should fit "any RAM 1500 from 2009-2023 or any RAM 2500/3500 from 2003-2023 with the same bed length and a tapered bed.

Bump. Open to offers!

Does anyone know if this will fit a 1st gen tundra access cab.

What are the inside to inside length and width deminsions of the bed?

61 wide 17 high and 76 long. Let me know

Bed with rails is 68 wide. Night of cab is 21 inches above bed. What is that measurement

Might be interested in the cabinets and fridge for my 2nd Gen Tundra build (6’7” bed). Do you have any drawings/sketches of cabinet dimensions, etc you could send me?

Still have?

Any idea how you would ship it to Bozeman? Interested

SOLD Please Delete