SOLD: VRNCLR Frame Bags for V1 Camper

My GFC is gone and I have two frame bags left that fit the front of the camper with a window - these were on a Tacoma but not sure if they fit anything else.

These only fit the V1 campers with the round tubes, they have magnets sewn inside that attach them to the steel tubes and velcro to finish the install.

Two packs, for both left and right side.

$250 OBO + shipping

Price drop to $250 for both bags

Price drop - $200 for both bags

This is a screaming deal! If I didn’t already have bags (for which I paid full price grrr) I’d scoop these up immediately. Anyone with a V1 camper who doesn’t have them should buy immediately, you won’t regret it. GLWS!

Take ‘em!!!

PayPal -Venmo -ApplePay immmediately! lol

Sending DM

These are SOLD

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