SOLD VRNCLR Sewn Storage / Full Kit / 4 Frame Bags

Hey guys. I bought these from Julian a month or so ago. I am going with a full buildout that won’t allow me to use these how I intended. The quality is second to none, they are beyond legit. I am asking SOLD, what I paid for them.

These frame bags need a new home as I’m scheming on something custom with Tom over at VNRCLR for the new build layout. I love these things to death. My favorite GFC accessory.

All four bags are as good as new. Only things to know:

  1. All four bags are sized for a V2 Toyota Tacoma 5ft Bed
  2. I cut down an inch of the internal plastic on the large triangles to expose more of my LED lights. This does not alter the fit or integrity of the bags. (See last photo)
  3. There will probably be slight wear signs of where my pins were poked through the zipper flap once removed.
  4. You may need to hole punch your own hole in the bag to align with your accessory bolt since GFC has moved this one around a few times. Tom stopped selling these with the hole pre-punched as there was variation coming out of the factory at the time. My build number is 1173 (very early V2).

Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 12.45.29 PM


Large triangle 1: Fly fishing gear, nets, hiking poles
Large triangle 2: A full 2P backpacking tent with poles and stakes

Small triangle 1: backpacking towels, clothes line, other small trinkets
Small triangle 2: Repair stuff (tools, rope, sealant, tape, etc.)