SOLD - WTB: GFC for 2016+ Tacoma Short Bed

I’m looking for a completed, delivered GFC that fits a 2016+ Tacoma Short Bed. I don’t particularly care about color, and if you have some accessories I’m open to discussing things like awnings and lights. I’m in CO and am willing to drive basically between Salt Lake City and Albuquerque. If you have a V1 I have a REALLY strong preference for one with upgraded hinges.

I’m a further drive for you, but if you are still looking for a V1 in a few months, mine is getting it’s hinges swapped soon and will probably be for sale this autumn, as I’m switching my rig up some.

Thanks for that info. I am looking for something basically available immediately though!

I was just about to post my V2 up for sale. I’m in Denver. Build 1183–installed February 2021.

Perfect shape. Matt Gecko LED light kit. Three rack mounts w/ yakima bars. Side mount awning brackets. Shittco awning blocks/bars.

@Kerbouchard got any pics? And what are you looking to get for it? We can take this to the DMs if you want.

Yessir, I’ll DM you details.

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Did you get my message? I sent some pics and pricing, but nothing shows in my profile outbox. Do I need to send again?

I did. The pics are super slow, but they came through. Looks good overall: I’ll respond to you in the DMs in just a bit!

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I’ve found a sweet little GFC locally so I’m going to mark this thread as SOLD.