SOLD WTB V2 Standard Camper Spot in line -

EDIT: found a spot. Thanks y’all!

Looking to buy a spot for V2 Standard-sized Camper
(I have a 2nd gen short bed Tacoma).

Kindly let me know if you’re selling!

@blancataco has one for sale

Thanks for the reply fatfurious2! - He’s trying to recoup his own costs for getting an earlier spot… by selling his not-earlier spot at a premium. Doesn’t sit right with me to support that kind of thing, but thanks for the heads up regardless!

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I’ve got a spot ready to set options and schedule install date now. Only want face value for the deposit. $500. Holler! (307) 413-8224


J.R. Jenkins

Thanks for messaging man, I’m all set now! updating my post.