SOLD: XL V1 w/ Kinsman Outdoor Awning: For Sale

Go Fast for sale. V1 (#800) to be exact.
Located in Surf City, NC
Fits all 5.5 bed Toyota Tundra’s.
We have recently moved and had some life changes so will be unable to enjoy. Is in great shape so it will make someone out there happy. You don’t have to wait and make a trip to Montana to pick it up.
Was one of the first to come from GFC with the embassy hinges.
Front and rear windows.
Comes with:
XL Sheets (never used)
Collapsable ladder
Kinsman Awning (270° Awning — Kinsmen Hardware LLC)

Hey, I’m just up the road from you in the swansboro area. I’d like to buy the awning if you’re willing to seperate them. May also be interested in rhe whole thing if I can cancel/ sell spot. (Early April install)

I have an additional interested buyer for the whole thing. He is planning to drive down Saturday for pickup. I’ll ping him this am to confirm. I’d like to not separate unless I have to. But I am entertaining all offers. I’ll PM you with my number.

Hi there, i have a 2020 short bed tundra crewman and I’m interested. Does the front part of camper clear the shark fin antenna? That’s been the limiting factor when I’ve tried to buy any used gfc they aren’t tall enough to clear the antenna thanks

My 2020 was one of the first to be manufactured to clear the shark fin.

SOLD: Pending Full Payment this Saturday.

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Way to go, hope it goes through.