Solutions to sharp corners on floor panels

Wondered if anyone has made attempts to round out the sharp corners on the floor. I want to move the floor around without the risk of tearing up the tent.

If you did do this appreciate some details on tools used and steps to get a professional finish. I was considering some rubber tape but wasn’t sure if the tolerances would allow for the extra mm to the panel dimensions.

I just used a hand file to knock down the sharp corners on the rectangular sleeping panel.


I used a 3M EXL deburring wheel on a dremel tool. Very good results. You could use an angle ginder with a sanding wheel.


i’ve tried searching for these wheels you got the plug?

I bought a case of them on eBay half a decade ago. I see some there now but they’re larger diameter and you’d have to find an arbor that fits. Huge pain.

For a Dremel, a good alternative would likely be this style of sanding wheel:

For a drill, I would try something like this:
Or this nifty kit, also looks like the right idea

I haven’t any of these but they look right for cleaning up edges after filing or possibly doing the whole job. The 3M EXL deburring wheels are almost magic but hard to obtain in small quantities.


ImYea when I searched for the 3M wheel you posted about k came back with almost nothing. I will try that amazon link!! :call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3: thank you.

+1 to using a simple hand file to round out the corners, I was able to get a nice corner radius with a little patience and hit the area with some spray paint once complete. Really easy hack and would recommend.