Southco Latch Blowout

I had a Southco latch blowout on me during a trip, anyone know how to get replacements? I’d like to get like four since I am expecting it to happen again on another…


Order from GFC. I just replaced one but not due a latch blowout.

Think I have 4 with keys can you check out my links I switch mine out for a different type I’ve got the originals left over I can send you one or more if you like.

fill out a service request. I had that happen to me too and @GFC_Collin had a new latch to me in 3 days no charge. thanks Collin

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$50 for two latches…I tried to reach out to Southco directly but got no response…


Give me a day ,I have two but what to be sure I have the keys , If I do I give them to you