Southern California GFC Camping Recommendations

To all the Southern California GFCers:

I live in Salt Lake City and am looking to take a road trip somewhere to Southern California where I can camp in the GFC on the beach with my dog and family (wife and 20 month old).

Any recommendations?

I most likely will be cutting the trip in half and stopping in Vegas area one night due to having a toddler with us too.

Thanks ahead of time!

There are pretty much no spots to camp on the beach in Southern California other than Pismo or Point Mugu unfortunately. Carlsbad is a campground above the beach, but not sure that’s what you’re looking for.

Doheny State beach and San Elijo Sb are other options. Good luck getting a reservation though.

Search California state beach, there are many that offer campsites near the beach with varying amounts of services, crowd and distance from sand. to find a state beach and then to make the reservations. Silver Strand, San Onofre, Robert H Meyer and many others offer different versions of what you want. I don’t know if any free dispersed type options away from others in SoCal.

great options, thanks for the advice. I am researching options