Southern California GFC Owners

2020 Jeep Gladiator with a V2. South Carlsbad here but call Wrightwood home base.


Hi! Anyone planning something Memorial Day weekend? I’m in Whittier and would love to get a meetup trip going soon. Weather is looking fair finally and I am dying to get out.

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Located in Cerritos. I’d be down for a local meetup

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Anyone planning something for Memorial Day weekend?

Looks like Memorial Day Weekend will be Monday, May 27th.

I’d love to attend a meetup but don’t have the bandwidth or experience to organize one.

im planning to hit up grand canyon north, first night in st. george, second day boogie 70 miles in to camp by the edge of the cliff, third day home.

im in rosemead.


Would this be a caravan type deal or just a solo trip?

for me? probably solo lol
it’s “too far” for my friends to join me so i may just solo it. unless they got something cooler