Space Frame touch up paint

Anyone have any ideas on touch up paints to use on the space frame? I have build #44 which came with a really shitty matte/flat powder coat on the space frame. I’ll post some pictures later, but it gets marred and stained super easy, and seems to chip off far more easily that it should.

I’m looking to touch up some of the areas that aren’t high use, and eventually cover the areas that are high use with maybe vinyl. Anyone know a good touch up paint company, and maybe some of the GFC colors? So far I have found one or two posts here, but since my space frame color is different than the others, I’m pretty sure it won’t match up (no big deal I guess).

Hey! That older grey powder coat was called “Forged Charcoal”. I’ll try to find some touch up if we have any around the shop, but hopefully you may be able to find something close based on that link.

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