Spacing between roof rack and GFC

What is the recommended spacing between a roof rack and the overhang portion of the GFC? I currently have a rhino rack backbone and removed the platform before install. There is plenty of room to put the platform back on but want to know how much space is needed for flex while off-roading.

I don’t know of an exact number but that looks like I’d be alright. Doesn’t seem to be much if not any taller than the shark fin antenna. Unless someone knows of a number, I’d say use it and just keep an eye on it after hard wheeling.

Right now without the platform it’s definitely safe. Couple mm above the shark fin. Platform is 2” and I want to put it back on instead of fabricating something new to fit on the front half of the backbone. After putting on the platform there might be an inch of clearance left. Looking at a bunch of the Tacoma discussions and pictures of the half roof racks and DIY cutouts it’s seems like some of them have like a half inch of clearance. I don’t want to find out the hard way that I don’t have enough clearance because on occasion I do some more hardcore offroading.